do you ever just passionately miss the first series of doctor who but not just because you miss Nine but because you miss the monsters and the simple story lines that were new and so interesting and the companions that didn’t need a magic back story to be special and weren’t just a new puzzle for the doctor to solve they were just ordinary people with ordinary lives and taught (especially the young viewers) that anyone can be a hero i just really miss season one okay




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So basically I shuffle my music and list the first 10 songs that came up!!

1. Maps ~ Maroon 5
2. Black Widow ~ Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Orton
3. Play it Again ~ Luke Bryan
4. Rude ~ Magic
5. Blonde ~ Bridget Mendler
6. Cosmos ~ T.a.t.u
7. Flawless ~ Beyoncé
8. Paradise ~ Magic!
9. Don’t ~ Ed Sheeren
10. Fly ~ Hilary Duff

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Was tagged by indecisive-yet-united So you know list your first ten songs no skipping! :) 1. Walls - All Time Low 2. Crooked Young - Bring Me The Horizon 3. Crazy For You - McMagic & Gemini 4. Never Lose Your Flames - Issues 5. World So Cold - Three Days Grace 6. The Oath - SECRETS 7. Gossip - You Me At Six 8. De Que Me Sirve La Vida - Camila 9. Pills N Potions - Nicki Minaj 10. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low So I tag demopunkkk, jennyderas, bi0nicw0lfcub, brianalillian, and briannabotello